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Jubilee Reflection: Hindrances to a successful prayer life (1)

Prayer is central and crucial to the life of a Christian.


Paul the Apostle commanded ALL CHRISTIANS TO pray without ceasing.  Prayer is the breath and life wire of a Child of God.  (1 Thess. 5:17).


Why Prayer

·         Prayer facilitates righteousness and prevents sinfulness

·         Prayer frustrates Satanic wickedness

·         Prayer enhances spiritual power and authority

·         Prayerlessness  equals powerlessness.


Why Do Many Not Pray?

·         Lack of correct priorities in life.

·         Over congestion of life and time.

·         The lack of spiritual discipline

·         The cares of this world.

·         Wrong influence/association.


Lack Of Spiritual Discipline

Christianity and Christians for sometime has displayed a life of spiritual lethargy and apathy in our generation at the altar of personal pleasure.


Many believers have succumbed to slumbering spirits of the flesh, hence, do not pray.  Anywhere there is no discipline; there can be no distinction.  It is said that “there can be no effect where there is no effort.”


So, there will be no impact where there’s no input.  Gloria Copeland said – there is no victory for the lazy one who refuse to attract the attention of God in prayer.  Hence, anyone that doesn’t know how to stoop down to achieve and fulfill his dream has positioned himself/herself destiny as a generational causality.


There is nobody that will achieve good success without the investment of life’s energy, Time, passion, and resources of opportunity.


So, how can you succeed when the devil is not resting concerning your matter, and you are ignorantly slumbering and snoring into wastefulness and irrelevance.


What Is The Trigger For Discipline

It is called ‘PASSION’

Anywhere, anything, and anytime you are passionate about something, you discipline yourself to pursue it.  People will release energy, and resource towards their passion.


The absence of Passion for God is the root cause for spiritual indiscipline amongst believers.  Where there is a deficiency of direction, priority of life, absence of revelational footmarks, there had been an absence and erosion of passion.


Therefore, Do These;

a.       Settle down and find out what really matters in life.

b.      Ask God to fill your heart/mind with raw passion for Him

c.       Discipline yourself – do what is required to arrive at what is Desired.

d.      Pray consistently without ceasing.



  • Jubilation await you in this month of July
  • July is your month to OVERCOME, OVERTAKE AND OVERFLOW
  •  Nations shall open their doors and treasures to You!....