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Message Of the Week

Message Of The Week

Sunday 23rd November, 2010

The Power of Praise in overcoming challenges of Life

Challenges manifest in our lives in diverse ways and in different facets of our lives.  Job  chapter 14 verse1 says “Man that is born of a woman is of few days, and full of trouble.” There is nobody that has not faced challenges in life, but our attitude towards such challenges and how we tackle them make the difference.

Praise, which is one of the instruments we can use to overcome our battles, means to say good things about God.  Praise is synonymous to words like admire, extol, honour, worship, etc.  it is a life style of love from the heart of God.  It is appreciating God for who He is.  It is our high rating of God that causes His praise to flow from our heart.  Praise is the instrument we use to transfer our battles from our hands to God’s hands.  When we do this we become endless winners because God can never lose in any battle.

In our reading from the book of 2 Chronicles 20:1-30 and Acts 16:16-30, we see clear evidence of God’s deliverance of His people through the power of praise.  Jehoshaphat, Paul and Silas understood that praise is an instrument of warfare; they used it and God gave them victory over the powers that were too strong for them.

They knew that whatever cannot stand God cannot stand praise.  This is why the greatest battles of our lives cannot stand praise.  When troubles, battles, pains and different forms of challenges come our way, note that it is a period to praise like we have never done.  A period to wait for God to take over that battle which only Him knows how to handle.

Beloved in the Lord, let us learn to come to God in praise with a sincere belief in him and with faith.  Let us come in humility and with a pure heart.

As we praise God with our hearts, minds and souls, let us wait for a clear manifestation of God’s power and blessing through the praise.  He has never failed and will not fail in your case.

“Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.”  (Psalm 150:6a).